Anneleen Steenbergen

Traces of the Heard and Seen (2018)

Traces of the Heard and Seen exists out of three one-to-one performances, researching an everyday gesture; combing hair. The three performances investigate the boundary between a personal, intimate occasion and a public event, presented simultaneously in different spaces; a performer combs their own hair in front of one spectator, a performer reads an excerpt from the script out loud in front of one spectator and a performer invites one spectator to comb the performers hair. The performances try to intensify a daily action until an intimate experience between performer and visitor.



Concept created by: Anneleen Steenbergen

With: Maria Saez, Lieke Lenaers, Luisa Maria Costa, Anneleen Steenbergen, Yves Torfs

Special thanks to: De Singel (Antwerpen), ChampdAction Labo 2018

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