Traces of the heard and seen (2018)

Photo: Anneleen Steenbergen

Traces of the Heard and Seen exists out of three one-to-one performances exploring intimacy of a daily action; combing hair. The performances explore intimacy in three different actions presented simultaneously in different spaces; a performer combs their own hair in front of one spectator, a performer reads the repetitive actions of combing hair out loud in front of one spectator and a performer invites one spectator to comb the performers hair. The access to imagination took place through spoken words and the closeness to the spectator. Through performances the invincible gap between a daily action and intimacy will become visible in real space. The performer is the mediator between the spectator and the act of combing.

Concept by Anneleen Steenbergen 

Text written by Anneleen Steenbergen 

Performed by Maria Saez, Lieke Lenaers, Luisa Maria Costa, Anneleen Steenbergen, Yves Torfs 

Support by ChampdAction Labo, De Singel Antwerpen 

Special thanks to Tom Pauwels, Tuur Marinus, Inga Huld Hákonardóttir, Kurt Vanbelleghem


ChampdAction Labo, De Singel, Antwerpen (be)



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