Photo: Samuel Nashaat

The counterpoint of a movement in excess is a performance about being in transition in which the body lingers between acting and becoming accidentally unruly. Inspired by how bodies are sensorially affected by time and place, the performance explores the poetics of physicality, language, perception and imagination. How can we understand an everyday action or movement as physical as much as mental? When will the body turns into a disobedience state, as an effect of a representative political (power) structure?

Concept by Anneleen Steenbergen

Performed by Anneleen Steenbergen

Text written by Anneleen Steenbergen

Residency Support by Villa Ruffieux

Special thanks to Caterina Giansiracusa, Federica Martini, Petra Koehle, ACT Festival de performance, ARSENIC Lausanne


ACT ARSENIC Lausanne (ch)  

The counterpoint of a movement in excess (2019)



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