In the desire to stage the unseen and the impossible, Anneleen Steenbergen explores the possibilities (and limits) of language and how this extends within human movements. She observes the back and forth of somatic and sensorial structures, outlines its external features and researches its thin line from everyday life into a performative act.

Through spoken and written words she dissect impermanent movements into intensified, abstract and intimate situations in which she found similarity as a level of everyday life as much as it they become a choreography. Ranging from miniscule to monumental - the smallest elements of unrest, shame,... to the most exaggerated reactions of frustration – will be reconstructed into a formally sighted, yet subjective script and/or choreography.

The work of Anneleen Steenbergen is a writing in time and space to trace the invincible gap between thought, perception and experience and is being situated within the performing and visual arts field in which she moves as a choreographer, editor, a visual artist, a writer and every now and then a performer. Texts, audiovisual installations and performances come together to achieve a neutralised depiction about the way we move, function and act in time and space.



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