Anneleen Steenbergen explores the possibilities (and limits) of language and how this extends with human movements from everyday reality into real space and time. She observes the back and forth of human motions, actions and expressions and tries to look how they perform and expose themselves during undetermined moments/places. Ranging from miniscule to monumental - the smallest elements of unrest, shame,… to the most exaggerated reactions of frustration – will be reconstructed into formally sighted, yet subjective descriptions. Through spoken and written words she intensifies the impermanent motions into abstract and intimate situations. Whereby typical outer features make place for individual narratives. Her work is a writing in space (and time) to trace the invincible gap between thought, perception and experience. It’s a balancing act of how applying herself to the observed and how to render a sensitive, conscious, yet universal portrait of herself, the observed and the spectator. Descriptions, audiovisual installations, one-to-one performances come together to achieve a neutralized depiction about the way we act and function in time and space.


2017  MA Fine arts, Sint-Lucas, Antwerp

2015  BA Fine arts, Mad-Faculty, Hasselt

2013  BA Interior Design, Sint-Lucas, Ghent



2019 TYPP #5 presentation publication

2018 BIT ROT: digitaal gedragen, CCHA, Hasselt (be) 

2018 LABO #3, Leuven (be)

2017 Masterexpo 2017, Antwerp (be)

2017 Greta M, Inbox, MHKA, Antwerp (be)

2017 Uh Yes Uh no, Antwerp (be)

2016 Flashback, Antwerp (be)

2016 Extra Vierge, Antwerp (be)

2015 Legacies of a legend, Maastricht (nl)

2015 Ithaka 23, Leuven (be)

2014 Re:Inspiration, Hasselt (be)

2014 Souvenir, Hasselt (be)

2014 CC De Bogaard, Sint-Truiden (be)

2013 RedBullSpace, Studio Herman Teirlinck, Antwerp (be)

2013 NYDP, Designcenter De Winkelhaak, Antwerp (be)



(Lecture/one-to-one) performances

2019 I prefer rather to stay two steps back instead of one step forward, édhèa, Sierre (ch)

2019 Experiencing A., La Fabrik, Monthey (ch)

2018 ChampdAction Labo, De Singel, Antwerp (be)


2018 Villa Ruffieux, Sierre, (ch)  

2017 The Winterschool, MHKA, Antwerp


2018 TYPP #5

2016 Herhalende herhalingendagboek, Ghent Art bookfair

2015 DING magazine


2017 Nominee, De Lucas, Sint-Lucas, Antwerpen


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