A ray of light illuminated the half of your body. You were standing stock still, almost immovable. The shimmer on your skin betrayed the passing time, but you were still not able to move, shout or even giving a wink of an eye. So, there you are. Standing, waiting to be seen. Even if you are a well-liked appearance and are used of people who come to you, try to touch you, try to get a glimpse of you, try to make you laugh but you aren’t suppose to do anything, except looking good and to be the chosen one. Some of you despise you for that, are jealous, ‘cause once in the game, always in the game. So, people come and go. But you aren’t. You stay, just stay. When he came closer, you were relieved. The sun was burning. Burning on your right cheek, the tip of your nose, the right part of your neck, the right part of your skull, your right eye. You couldn’t move. You couldn’t… blink, nor even squeezing your eyes! In the right part of your face small moist pearls are bubbling up. You could only hope he would notice. Waiting for the moisty pearls started to roll over your face and you wouldn’t have any other option then making a clacking sound (but you prefer not to). Luckily, he came after you and noticed you standing – burning- in the sun. He start to remove the sweat from your forehead. He was aware he should have noticed your suffering earlier. He was still removing the moisty pearls from your nose, your cheeks, your lips (even if you weren’t aware that your lips were also sweating), your neck, your right ear etc. He took his time removing every pearl from your face. You inhaled strongly. You forgot for a second where you are, which role you had to play. People still come and go and you are supposed to be – that- emotionless. But you forgot! Do you think he noticed your forgetfulness? He observed you, but he was still removing all the sweat. So maybe not. What would happen if they notice forgetfulness? You tried to be emotionless as possible; looking straight ahead, standing stock still and acting like a statue. You tried not to make any facial nor any eye movement. You know you are good at it. Not showing your emotions slash expressions. Not sure if people like you for that. Anyway, he was still wiping off the moisty pearls. Probably in vain, ‘cause there was still a ray of light illuminating a part of your face. A slightly other part. You produced – other - moisty pearls and he… he started wiping off all over again. 


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