The counterpoint of a movement in excess (ongoing research)

The counterpoint of a movement in excess inscribes itself into an ongoing process of the transition of body performance with a focus on how the body has been a site for social and political struggles in which the body lingers between moving, acting and becoming accidentally unruly. What started as a well-studied scenario on repetition, duration and bodily control transforms into a body who becomes stressed, sick and disobedience, attacking its own physicality and emotion-driven state of mind. How can we understand an everyday action or movement as physical as much as mental? How does a daily act affect the physicality of our body but also the mental state of our brain? And, when will the body turns into a disobedience state, as an effect of a representative political (power) structure? By creating a tour through bodily performances: from an archive of everyday actions, movements and expressions through a reinterpretation of the actions into a reflection on the transition of the body, this research will rethink an everyday body and proposes a sensorially affected body, reconfigured through choreography, language and imagination. By investigating questions regarding socio-cultural and political body are posed.


The counterpoint of a movement in excess, performance, 24:00 min, ACT Lausanne, 2019


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